2013 Resurrection Derby

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Top 10

1st Dale Nelsen 16.92 
2nd Randy Welch 15.80
3rd Kevin Kurras 15.29
4th Jennifer Payne 14.68
5th Mike McAuley 14.51
6th Hugh Allen 14.36
7th Chuck Payne 14.33
8th Troy Saharic 13.90
9th Danny Davis 13.62
10th Kirk Hawley 12.97

The team of Greg Gorder, Chuck
Payne, Jennifer Payne and Hugh
Allen with their first days catch
toward their total catch weight
winning total of 79.37 lbs!

Was it cold today? Oh yeah! But, 95
fish weighed, 16.92 lbs in the lead
and 59.12 total boat weight
through Friday!

This years $10,000 Derby winner,
Dale Nelsen (on left) with his
winning fish of 16.92 lbs.


Here's a shot of Jennifer Payne
and her 4th place, 14.68 lb fish!